Thanks to Jerry Sandusky, it's hard being Gerry Sandusky

When someone with essentially your name and in your general line of work, commits unspeakable acts, it's not easy. Just ask Baltimore's Gerry Sandusky.

The WBAL-TV sportscaster shares the name of convicted child abuser Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State football coach. Though his first name is spelled differently, that hasn't stopped Baltimore's Sandusky from being called a monster, being invited to rot in hell and being told he should die a slow and painful death.

"Because I have the name Gerry Sandusky, over the past year I've been called everything from a molester to a monster to a rapist," he wrote. "I've been invited to rot in hell, suffer torture, and die a slow, painful death. My children have faced ridicule; my wife has faced mockery."

Even so, Gerry Sandusky is looking for the upside in the experience, which he wrote about Monday in a blog post for The Sandusky Group website.

"This experience has tutored me in dealing with impossible situations that I have no control over," he wrote, listing 20 lessons he learned from the ordeal, which had him tapping the likes of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. to find peace of mind.

The lessons include:

Don't run; don't hide. You can't.

Don't react to ignorance, hatred, or meanness.

Remember, it's temporary. No one lives forever on this planet, so their problems–and yours–have a shelf-life too.


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