Agency to curb pat-downs for children and allow them to keep their shoes on

The Baltimore Sun

If you're age 12 or under, you can throw away the Crocs and flip-flops for that trip to the airport. This week, TSA said it is implementing a new policy that will allow kids to keep their shoes on when going through security screening.

In addressing a Congressional committee, according to the Los Angeles Times, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said the agency will also curb pat-downs of children. The new policy will be implemented soon.

The reasoning for the change of heart (or is it sole?) seems to be the agency's determination that child passengers are "low-risk" terrorism concerns. Wow, hope they didn't need a study to determine that.

It's also part of TSA's efforts to speed security screening, but Napolitano notes that there will continue to be random checks that may require that shoes come off.

Nonetheless, hurrah! And not to whine, but what about us older kids?

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