Vegan cafe opening in Fells Point

Dirty Carrots, whose all-


salted caramel cupcakes and whoopie pies, have become a popular presence at farmers' markets, is opening a full-time bakery cafe in

Fells Point


Dirty Carrots joins three other Baltimore Farmers' Market vendors who have recently spun their market success into fixed locations. The Verandah, a retail and lunch spot on the Avenue in Hampden, is from Radhika Sule of

Roland Park

Rustic Gourmet. Nikki Lewis' marshmallow treats are now served at the Mallow Bar, a dessert cafe she opened February in Rosedale. And Eula McDowell spun off her Savory Bean Soups into The Big Bean Theory, a full-time operation she opened last November at

Owings Mills Mall


will open at 600 S. Wolfe St. on Saturday. "We have a solid base of very loyal customers, both wholesale and direct, who have been asking from the get-go if we have a brick and mortar store," said Dirty Carrots owner Lisa Muscara Brice. "Now, the time is right, thanks to the following we have created for ourselves."

The store will be open daily from 7 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., serving fresh, locally roasted coffee from High Grounds Roasters along with the bakery's vegan muffins, coffee cakes, pastries, cookies, cupcakes, cakes, whoopie pies and blondies.

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