Check out the Baltimore County, Arundel and Carroll homes with eye-popping property-tax bills

If you like seeing what sorts of homes pay tens of thousands of dollars in property taxes, today's your lucky day.

Here's a photo gallery of Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County and Carroll County homes with top bills, the latest in our gallery series ranking owner-occupied properties for the tax year that ended June 30.

Every single one of the Arundel homes is in Annapolis. Given its waterfront and pricey residences, that might not come as a surprise. But the extent of the top suburban bill (also in Annapolis) just might.

Oh, and the city's gallery is here, but it's a bit different than the suburbs: You get the top 10 homes (primary residences or not) plus the top 10 commercial properties.

If you're more the data type, and I'm with you on that score, check out our Harford seachable database and our city searchable database. Other suburbs to follow, once our overworked searchable-database specialist finishes other items on his long to-do list.

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