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For homebuyers: Local schools ranked by test scores

Lots of people buy a home as much for the school district it's in as for the property itself. If you're in that category, here are some rankings right up your alley.

1) Elementary and middle schools in the metro area (city and suburbs) ordered by the share of their students who passed the state's Maryland School Assessment test

2) Those schools ordered by the share of students scoring at the advanced level on the test

The Sun's Patrick Maynard put the rankings together. You can click on a header to order them differently, i.e. by county or by school name.

Here's the story that colleague Liz Bowie wrote about high-scoring schools.

The usual caveats apply: How well a school's students score on tests might tell you nothing about how well it would suit your child. And high scores often go hand-in-hand with high-income areas. (That makes Medfield Heights Elementary in Baltimore particularly interesting, since -- as Liz notes -- it has a high passage rate and a student body that's largely low-income.)

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