Friday's heat was indeed record-setting

It was so hot on Friday that the high temperature of 103 degrees at

BWI Marshall Airport

would have set a record on any other June day. But

for Baltimore, it did break records.

The record for June 29 in Baltimore is 105 degrees, set in 1934. But that, of course, was before Friendship Airport was built in 1950 (later to be renamed BWI).

At the airport, the high temperature record for June 29 was 99 degrees, set in 1959, until Friday,

. Friday's heat shattered the record by 4 degrees.

The U.S. Custom House was the point of record for Baltimore weather observation back in 1934 (from 1893 until the airport opened), so that is where the 105-degree record was set.

Considering that, Friday's heat may have actually beaten the record -- unofficially of course.


Maryland Science Center

reached 106 degrees on Friday. It is about half a mile from the custom house and, of course, on the water, so whether it also reached 106 at the custom house is anyone's guess.

But it's probably fair to say, at least for discussion's sake, that Friday was on par with the hottest June 29 on record in Baltimore.

Records were also officially broken in






and at Patuxent River Naval Air Station,


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