'Where Men Win Glory' by Jon Krakauer

"Where Men Win Glory" by Jon Krakauer revealed the circumstances of the death of Army Ranger Pat Tillman -- being honored by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in the photo above -- and also his life as a young man whose football skills took him to the NFL. In our review, Dan Neil wrote, "Pat Tillman, unlikely football hero and unlikelier warrior, went to Afghanistan and got accidentally wasted by the men in his own Ranger platoon. It happens .... But the story here isn't Tillman's unexceptional death, or exceptional life for that matter, but what Krakauer sees as a political crime committed by the Bush administration's propaganda machine as it tried to make Tillman a martyr in the global war on terror. Tillman saw it coming. In a moment of foreboding, he said to a friend: 'I don't want them to parade me through the streets.' And yet that's exactly what happened."
Michael Chow / Arizona Republic
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