Oakland's AK Press sustains fire damage

An independent publisher in Oakland, CA seeks help after a fire hits its distribution center

A fire in Oakland that took two lives Sunday night had collateral publishing damage. The warehouse and distribution center of AK Press was burned and suffered smoke and water damage.

The fire began around 3 a.m. Sunday in live/work spaces at 669 24th St. and claimed the lives of two artists, Davis Letona, 27, and Daniel "Moe" Thomas, 36, the Contra Costa Times reports. Flames then crossed the street to the building housing AK Press' distribution center.

"We still aren't sure the exact amount of stock that is ruined, or how long our business will be disrupted while we work hard to get back on our feet," the publisher has posted on its website. "But we do know that we've lost a lot, and even in the best of times, we always need your support. Especially now when we aren't able to carry on with our normal day-to-day business, every bit helps."

Founded in 1990, AK Press is an anarchist publishing collective in Oakland. "Decisions at AK Press are made collectively, from what we publish, to what we distribute and how we structure our labor. All the work, from sweeping floors to answering phones, is shared," their site explains. "Our goal is supplying radical words and images to as many people as possible. The books and other media we distribute are published by independent presses, not the corporate giants. We make them widely available to help you make positive (or, hell, revolutionary) changes in the world."

AK Press is asking for donations to help with its fire recovery.

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