For 'I Read Everywhere' campaign, images of readers everywhere

@NYPL asks you to #IReadEverywhere your pics reading anywhere and everywhere

If you’re such an obsessive reader that you take books mountain climbing with you, or if you read while walking (a potentially hazardous activity), or if you simply fill as much free time as you can with reading, then the New York Public Library wants to hear from you.

This month, the library launched a reading initiative with the hashtag #ireadeverywhere. The idea is to fill social media with pictures that show how reading and books are a part of people’s everyday lives. Now the images of people reading on subways, in trains, in parks and even baseball stadiums are circulating widely in social media.

Some can be seen on the New York Public Library’s Tumblr page, including images of the actors Mindy Kaling and Jim Parsons posing with books. “I am standing awkwardly reading the wonderful Buster Keaton biography, ‘Cut to the Chase’ by Marion Meade,” Parsons wrote on his Instragram page.

“Thousands of people from around the globe have participated on Twitter and Instagram, sharing pics of themselves at bars, under their desks at work, in France, in national parks, on the train, in doctors' offices, in airplanes, at White Castle, underwater, in cars, in restaurants,” NYPL spokesperson Angela Montefinise said in an email to The Times.

Hillary Clinton tweeted an old family photograph in which she’s reading to her daughter and wrote: “For #IReadEverywhere w/ @NYPL, I'm reminded of moments reading to Chelsea when she was little. Let's #closethewordgap”

The English author Neil Gaiman posted a picture of himself reading “Men Explain Things to Me,” by Rebecca Solnit. “I am on a train. #IReadEverywhere but especially on trains,” he wrote.

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