Sunday books: coverage for June 13, 2010.

Bret Easton Ellis' wilted innocence

Twenty-five years later, Bret Easton Ellis catches up us with the characters from his breakthrough, "Less Than Zero." Hmm. They're a lot like their author.

Book review: 'Scout, Atticus and Boo' by Mary McDonagh Murphy

The companion book to the documentary film 'Hey, Boo' includes interviews with readers including Tom Brokaw, Oprah Winfrey and Richard Russo, as well as Harper Lee's sister and pastor.

Book review: 'How Did You Get This Number' by Sloane Crosley

A second collection of essays by the bestselling author.

Word Play: Picture this

'House of Dolls,' 'City Dog, Country Frog,' 'The Sorely Trying Day,' 'For Good Measure,' 'Pigs to the Rescue' and more

Book review: 'Absence of Mind' by Marilynne Robinson

In 'Absence of Mind,' Marilynne Robinson tackles the dispelling of inwardness from the modern myth of the self.

Book Review: 'Not Fit for Our Society' by Peter Schrag

It's a thoughtful, timely look at the spasms of anti-immigration that have defined the U.S. from the beginning.

Is it time for us to hit 'reset'?

The author wrestles with the games' significance in society, and whether they are indeed an art form.

Discoveries: 'Milk,' 'Caviar,' 'Cake'

The history of iconic foods is probed in three new books in a series.