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Inspiring the next generation
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Amy Fisch Solomon strives to serve as a leader in her profession, particularly for young women who are entering the law. Indeed, she notes that as a partner at Girardi | Keese, she acts as a mentor for the next generation of female attorneys at the firm. "When I became a lawyer at the firm I was the only female attorney, and while I had great mentors, I know I would have appreciated seeing a woman in a leadership role," Solomon says. "I'm proud of the fact that the firm has since added many more women to the ranks over the years, and that these women are eager to become great trial lawyers."

Moreover, Solomon is increasingly representing female clients in her practice, in cases regarding women's health concerns. "Whether the legal issues involve birth control, medical devices made specifically for women, malpractice concerning pregnancy and birth, or malpractice related to breast, ovarian, or cervical cancer, I'm finding that women are looking for and demanding a woman to represent them," she says.


Beyond her practice, Solomon is a past-president of the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, where she created a women's roundtable group to provide the women of CAALA with a supportive environment in which to seek advice and assistance on several aspects of their practice. Solomon also works to interest more female law students in the area of plaintiffs' trial law by traveling to law schools and speaking about her experience of practicing at Girardi | Keese.

And she continues to give back to the community by serving on the Board of Directors of the Inner City Law Center, a pro bono law firm on Skid Row that provides legal representation to the homeless. "Because there are so few female trial lawyers in leadership roles, it's important that we put ourselves out there by being active in the community and serving as mentors," Solomon says. "It's what I would have wanted to see as a young lawyer, and I'm happy to serve in that role for the next generation."