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Weinstock Manion: Estate Planning, Trust And Estate Administration, Trust And Estate Litigation

Weinstock Manion: Estate Planning, Trust And Estate Administration, Trust And Estate Litigation
(Standing): Jonathan S. Forster, Blake A. Rummel, Jeffrey P. Geida, Martin A. Neumann, Sussan H. Shore (Seated): Robert E. Strauss, Louis A. Reisman, Gary M. Borofsky, M. Neil Solarz

The attorneys of the Los Angeles law firm Weinstock Manion have been leading authorities in the estate planning field for more than 55 years, devoting themselves to the complex task of ensuring that each plan reflects the client's unique concerns, goals and values. The firm is widely known for its subject-matter expertise and proactive client service in an array of related specialty areas including estate planning, wealth transfer planning, estate and trust administration, estate and trust litigation, business succession planning, and charitable planning and family foundations.

In 2012, with the enactment of the American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA), Americans saw the most sweeping changes in estate and gift tax law in over three decades. "If the size of your estate will be less than your available estate tax exemption, you must consider the effect ATRA will have on your heirs' future income tax liability," says Sussan H. Shore, managing director of Weinstock Manion. "If the size of your estate exceeds the estate tax exemption, your plan should also address the 40 percent estate tax rate on your remaining assets."


If there was ever any doubt about the importance of having a comprehensive estate plan, ATRA put it to rest. "Between complex family arrangements, changing personal circumstances and changes in tax law, proper estate planning requires a high degree of proficiency, creativity and diligence," Shore says. "This is what we strive to deliver, and it's the reputation we've worked hard to attain."

Proficient and Compassionate


Clients initially seek out Weinstock Manion for its expertise, Shore says, but families remain clients for generations because they appreciate the sensitivity with which the firm's attorneys handle delicate or volatile family situations.

"A devastating loss, the difficulties that come with incapacity or a family dispute can leave a client feeling vulnerable, angry or overwhelmed," says Shore. "These clients need someone who understands them and the real impact of these developments on their families' well-being. I think we bring a level of compassion and caring over and above our technical proficiency and experience.

This sensitivity and caring can be especially important when conflicts arise, as they inevitably do from time to time in such a personal area of law. Whether the dispute is between family members, or between beneficiaries and fiduciaries, the firm's expert litigation team does everything possible to settle differences without going to trial, including mediation as appropriate. "We understand that litigation can tear a family apart," Shore says, "and we try to avoid it whenever possible."

Over the decades, Weinstock Manion has consistently provided outstanding legal services, making every effort to preserve and secure their clients' family harmony and legacies for generations.


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