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Yukevich | Cavanaugh: Litigation

Yukevich | Cavanaugh: Litigation
Todd Cavanaugh (left) and James Yukevich

The Yukevich Cavanaugh team thrives on taking challenging cases to trial. The firm, with offices in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, has grown to become one of the nation’s finest litigation firms by focusing on innovative case management and trial techniques. Its 32 attorneys specialize in defending Fortune 500 companies through high-profile, high-stakes litigation.

Firm founder James Yukevich has spent much of the past 30 years in courtrooms, serving as counsel to major corporations, including AIG, Ford Motor Company, Michelin North America, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, Easton Bell Sports, Riddell Helmets and FedEx Freight. For the last five years, Yukevich has had a Top 10 Verdict as published by the Daily Journal. He was recently named as Best Lawyers’ Product Liability Lawyer of the Year. Yet the work never gets old.

“We have wonderful clients, and those clients have sent us cases that have been so interesting and important,” Yukevich says. “When you think you’ve seen everything, you haven’t. That’s what makes it as much play as it is work.”

Partner Todd Cavanaugh joined the firm in 1997, bringing his passion for defending the interests of manufacturers in products liability cases. “I especially like the intersection of the law and engineering,” Cavanaugh explains. “Working with scientists and experts always been my favorite part of preparing cases for trial.” Over more than 15 years, Cavanaugh has successfully represented clients such as Michelin, Honda, Ford and John Deere. His aim: To make a clear, coherent defense that helps a jury set aside their sympathies and learn how and why an accident happened.

“We take a fresh eyes approach, and we’re not afraid to change up the theme of a defense,” Cavanaugh says. “We live by our motto, ‘Any case, any place, any time.’ “

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