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Innovations in Cancer Treatments

Advances in Robotic Surgery

Surfing is a huge part of Charles Scalice’s life. So when the Seal Beach resident was diagnosed with cancer in February 2012, he searched for the least invasive treatment option, one that would give him the best shot at a good outcome and allow him to get back on his board as quickly as...

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  • Steps in Recovery
    Steps in Recovery

    It is just as important to plan for success after cancer treatment as it is before beginning it, experts say.

  • A New World of Options
    A New World of Options

    Robotic surgery — the pioneering da Vinci Surgical System in particular — was initially developed to target prostate cancer. And although robotic systems are now used to treat a wide range of cancers, they remain an especially effective, minimally invasive way to deal with the...

  • A Custom Fit
    A Custom Fit

    Personalized and individualized approaches to care have been key points of progress and innovation in the field of breast oncology.

  • Treating the Whole Patient
    Treating the Whole Patient

    John Gibson discovered a few weeks following surgery that his cancer had progressed to stage 4 melanoma. That was last year, before he began treatment at the Beverly Hills Cancer Center, which he visited after a suggestion from a friend.

  • Alternative Cancer Treatments
    Alternative Cancer Treatments

    Curing cancer is still the holy grail of health care. Unfortunately, there is no perfect cure for every cancer in every patient. That drives the interest in alternative treatments — those not approved by the FDA that replace traditional treatments (chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.)...

  • A Cut Above
    A Cut Above

    Trevor MacKay was busy training for a triathlon last November. Cancer was the furthest thing from his mind, but following a routine physical he got the shocking prognosis of prostate cancer. So the 49-year-old did his homework, interviewed several surgeons and made an important decision.