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Capture the Holidays

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Last-minute gift ideas for the photo buff in your life

Although Christmas is almost upon us, there's no need to panic when it comes to those last-minute gifts for the photographer or videographer in your life. Skip the stress of last-minute shipping from online outlets or the crowds and anonymity of big-box stores and instead head to a local camera...

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5 spectacular West Coast road trips

You don't have to get off the beaten path to have a great road trip; you simply need a great path. On the West Coast, there are many thrilling scenic routes covering desert, mountains, ocean and vineyards. Try one of these spectacular drives and you will rediscover that your car was made for life...


  • New documentary film explores transgender identity

    New documentary film explores transgender identity

    While LGBT is a common term, the transgender community remains far less understood than their lesbian, gay and bisexual counterparts. Documentary filmmaker Cecilio Asuncion goes a long way toward clearing up some of those misunderstandings with his new film "What's the T?" After sweeping the film...

  • Keep it close with these LGBT-friendly weekend getaways

    Keep it close with these LGBT-friendly weekend getaways

    September is upon us, which means time is running out for any last-minute summer getaways to escape the L.A. commotion. Explore a pair of LGBT-friendly destinations within a three-hour drive of Los Angeles offering a swath of nature, culture and nightlife worth getting on the freeway for. As a...