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Last-minute gift ideas for the photo buff in your life

Although Christmas is almost upon us, there's no need to panic when it comes to those last-minute gifts for the photographer or videographer in your life. Skip the stress of last-minute shipping from online outlets or the crowds and anonymity of big-box stores and instead head to a local camera...

  • DIY: Make a holiday 'photo booth'

    DIY: Make a holiday 'photo booth'

    The family's home for the holidays -- aunts, grandparents and even long-lost Cousin Bob are in town, in the house, and settling in for gift exchanges or fun holiday meals. It may be tempting to walk around with the camera, trying to capture the perfect shot of everyone in the house, but consider...

  • Set the scene for your season's memories

    Set the scene for your season's memories

    With extended families gathered together, twinkling lights, glittering gifts and lavish meals, the Christmas season is festooned with photo opportunities. So why do so many of our snapshots fail to capture the mood and magic of the season? Here's how to make those holiday lights truly sparkle and...

  • This New Year, resolve to take great photos

    This New Year, resolve to take great photos

    Whether you're getting a new camera for Christmas or are stuck in a rut with your existing rig, why not make taking better photos your New Year's (high) resolution? We spoke to David K. Hauver, a product buyer and tester at Samy's Camera, which has six full-service California stores and a robust...

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