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How the Segway miniPRO fixed my life

Dear Diary:

After weeks of self-imposed inertia, I set aside time today for errands that have suffered from my procrastination. Did I mention that I hate errands? Anyways . . . I wouldn't have accomplished half of the tasks on my to-do list if not for help from my new best friend — my Segway miniPRO.


8:30 a.m.

Had to drop off a return at the UPS store, take some clothes to be tailored, then pick up my dry cleaning etc., etc. Decided to use my miniPRO for two reasons: 1. Didn't have to worry about parking in Westwood, and 2. I could use it like a robot to carry the heavy stuff, then jump back on it to zip around town… making tedious tasks much quicker and more fun.


9:07 a.m.

Got into a conversation with a fellow customer at the dry cleaners who wanted to know what on earth I was riding. I assured him that it wasn’t a hoverboard and, unlike a hoverboard, it wasn’t going to catch on fire — that miniPRO is the first electric, self-balancing scooter to earn the Underwriters Laboratories 2272 safety certification.


1:15 p.m.

Late to collect the wife at LAX. Parked the car, only to realize she was disembarking from Terminal 1 instead of Terminal 4. I felt terrible — I’m always running behind and making Jen wait for me, which she hates. Looked like it was going to happen once again. But then I remembered that I had stashed my miniPRO in the trunk. I reached T1 before she even got to baggage claim. Scored major points! Walked back to the car holding hands with Jen as the miniPRO "walked" beside us like a well-behaved child carrying Jen’s bags.


4:38 p.m.

Took Otis to dog park on Barrington. He loves that I can travel right alongside him at 10 miles an hour on the miniPRO. You can almost see the envy on the faces of the other dogs as Otis paces me. We must have covered 11 miles. And because of miniPRO’s 10.5-inch inflatable tires, we didn’t have to stay on the path or on flat terrain. I still had enough juice to travel the 2 miles back home . . . all the while thinking about how getting around on my miniPRO is so much more eco-friendly than the cars I'm passing in rush-hour traffic. Started to rain on the way home. No worries — everything on my miniPRO is weathersealed.


6:54 p.m.

Leaving jetlagged Jen to catch up on her sleep, I arranged to meet some friends down on Abbot Kinney for dinner. No parking spaces! Ugh! Had to park on a side-street a mile away. Thought I was going to be late . . . again. Immediately remembered my miniPRO in the trunk. Good thing the knee control bar detaches to fit into my little two-door coupe. Reached the restaurant in no time and stowed the miniPRO at the entrance. Didn’t have to worry about it because the app-based anti-theft technology was activated to disable and alert me if someone tried to move it.


9:28 p.m.

Dark when I left the restaurant. The miniPRO’s bright head- and taillights showed me the way as I cruised back to my car. Just for fun I played with the app and kept changing the colors of the lights before I rode along the crowds of people.

The miniPRO is exclusively available from Amazon for the reduced price of $999 — that’s $300 cheaper than the list price of $1,299. First shipments begin June 29.

For more information about the Ninebot by Segway miniPRO including a video of it in action, visit Segway’s site.


Joe Yogerst for Segway

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