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Summer Done Right

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7 beach products you didn't know you needed

It used to be that a towel was all you needed for a day at the beach. While we’re not against keeping it simple, we’ve discovered some gear that speaks to our love of creature comforts and makes a day at the beach feel like…well, a day at the beach.  Sandless Beach Mat  As much as we love the...

  • Save your skin! The five biggest sunscreen mistakes

    Save your skin! The five biggest sunscreen mistakes

    Living in the Land of Eternal Sunshine has many benefits (no seasonal affective disorder here), but with the freedom of an indoor-outdoor lifestyle comes responsibility: Skin protection is a 365-day job, and not simply for vanity's sake. According to the American Cancer Society, about 3.5 million...

  • It's Ok to Avoid the Burn: Workout Sun Protection

    It's Ok to Avoid the Burn: Workout Sun Protection

    In L.A. we generally agree: We've hit the climate jackpot (the drought notwithstanding). Where else can you hike all "winter" long, or celebrate New Year's Day with a run on the beach? Angelenos live the indoor-outdoor dream as the rest of the country weeps frozen tears… but with freedom comes...

  • Get Healthy This Summer

    Get Healthy This Summer

    Healthy is the new skinny. Women everywhere are retaliating against the pressure to be unnaturally thin and overly tanned by focusing on the health and strength of their bodies, instead. It’s all about choices, and choosing good health over the stress of trying to attain an unrealistic ideal can...

  • Summer-ize your skin care routine

    Summer-ize your skin care routine

    The sun-kissed, carefree days of summer are right around the corner. And that means the luxury of lounging poolside, strolling on the beach and enjoying backyard barbecues with friends. Perfect! Yet those unshaded hours paired with a laid-back attitude can add up to damage if you slack on your...

  • 6 must haves for your next beach vacation

    6 must haves for your next beach vacation

    As the days grow longer and the weather gets warmer, our thoughts turn to sandy paradises and seaside adventures. Summertime hot spots like the Hamptons, Malibu, Tulum and the Riviera beckon for swimming, sailing, surfing or just sunning. Whether it’s a long-planned trip or a spur-of-the-moment...

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