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Here Comes the Sun

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6 questions to ask before going solar

You're finally ready -- or almost ready -- to join the cool, green kids and go solar. But how to sort through the fluff and get to the bottom line? When it comes to the important questions about efficiency, value, savings and longevity, not to worry -- we'll show you the light.

  • When the solar-powered wheels hit the road
    When the solar-powered wheels hit the road

    Chances are you've noticed more electric vehicles heading down the freeway, parking at work or driving through your neighborhood in 2014 than in the past. And that's not your imagination playing tricks on you. This year California -- which has about 40% of the nation's total electric vehicle...

  • 6 solar superstars
    6 solar superstars

    In 1931, none other than Thomas Edison told two friends, "I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy." Eighty-some years later, that bet would certainly have paid off. Solar energy is now more affordable, more innovative and more exciting than ever. Here are six ways people are harnessing the...

  • How to finance your solar power system
    How to finance your solar power system

    Call it the new math of solar energy. With a growing number of options for homeowners investing in solar power, it can be challenging to find a financing plan that is right for you. Furthermore, do you rent or buy? Borrow or pay in full?

College Tour Guide

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Spotlight on UC San Diego

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