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ALDI: Your New Go-To Grocer

ALDI: Your New Go-To Grocer

Many Angelenos are resigned to shopping at two — or more — places for the foods they crave. But what if they could find the essentials in just one place?

ALDI is here to help with the food favorites folks have been chasing all over town. Whatever the priority — artisan-quality delicacies, environmentally friendly meats, healthy superfoods, organic produce or even gluten-free products — ALDI has them.


ALDI knows that some Californians need a kombucha fix to get through the day and that a health-conscious lifestyle can include foods like tofu, chia seeds, organic light agave nectar and almond butter. They believe that everyone should be able to afford to eat healthily. Their SimplyNature foods are made free of over 125 artificial ingredients and preservatives — or high prices.

Environmentally-conscious meat eaters look for grass-fed beef, as do those who love its big beefy taste. ALDI's grass-fed ground beef will make that next burger the best burger. Palates will be grateful, and the earth will be, too. And there's no need to look far for a delicious bun – ALDI's ciabatta sandwich rolls fit the bill.


ALDI also offers lots of organic veggies to go inside every sandwich, or on the side, or in a salad… and maybe some Never Any! bacon for real bacony goodness. Never Any! means no antibiotics, animal by-products, nitrites or nitrates, preservatives, or artificial flavors, ever, in all sorts of delicious meats like bacon, uncured Black Forest ham and sausage.

Shoppers who are going gluten free should look for the liveGfree line featuring everything from pasta to pizza crust mix to brownie mix. And they shouldn't miss the delicious gluten-free bread — white or whole grain. With all of their favorite foods made just for them, they'll never miss gluten again.

Artisanal-style foods made with passion and imagination from top quality ingredients don't have to cost top prices. ALDI has the delicacies that make eating exciting. A Prosciutto Panino, a tasty pinwheel of mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto, is perfect for an upscale sandwich or a party platter.

And speaking of parties, any gathering will be extra delicious with a spread of premium cheeses like aged reserved white cheddar, smoked gouda and a brie round. Party-throwers can slice a baguette and put out a bowl of blue cheese-stuffed queen olives, and their guests might never leave. Especially once the host cracks open one of ALDI's award-winning wines, like a chardonnay or riesling — either of which also happen to cost under $10.


The next morning, ALDI shoppers can brew a cup of premium roasted ground coffee and reflect on the good times. Oh, and the dark-chocolate covered sea salt caramels? Those are just for them.

Shopping list of suggested ALDI items:

  • SimplyNature Organic 100% Grass Fed Ground Beef
  • Specially Selected Ciabatta
  • Appleton Farms Never Any! Hickory Bacon
  • Specially Selected Prosciutto Panino
  • Specially Selected Reserved White Cheddar
  • Specially Selected Smoked Gouda
  • Happy Farms Brie Round
  • Specially Selected French Baguette
  • Specially Selected Blue Cheese-stuffed Queen Olives
  • Broken Clouds Chardonnay
  • Crystal Creek Cellars Riesling
  • Specially Selected Premium Roasted Ground Coffee
  • Specially Selected Dark Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramels

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