Best Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Lavinia Chong

Doctor Lavinia Chong's caring manner and attentiveness make her practice one of the most popular in the area. Her skill and expertise are supported by staff well-trained to respect the rights of our patients while providing a safe and caring environment.

Options for women include: Surgical solutions to restore the appearance of the breast; and Mommy Makeovers designed to restore a woman's pre-pregnancy body.

Options for men include: Facial Rejuvenation with surgical and non-surgical options to combat aging; and Abdominoplasty to remove excess skin and improve body contour.

In her downtime, Dr. Chong enjoys yoga, as she has found that yoga relates to her practice philosophy: the best physical outcomes occur when the individual is intellectually robust and emotionally healthy.

Ultimately, it has been a privilege to have patients place their trust in our team, and we are grateful for the continued vote of confidence.

--Dr. Lavinia Chong

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