Enjoy the beauty of the Central Coast on the Coastal Discovery Route

With 655.8 number of miles winding along the California coast on Highway 1, 101 miles of jaw-dropping stops along the way, 10 uncrowded beaches invite you to leave your shoes in the car and 12 state parks invite the explorer in you to go for a hike. For anyone looking to get away, the Coastal Discovery Route beckons. 

Departing from Los Angeles traveling north, the Highway 1 Coastal Discovery Route has many reasons for a pit-stop — even when you don’t need one. Midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, in beautiful coastal San Luis Obispo County, awaits an amazing number of must-see and must-do destinations.

Ever seen a castle? Hearst Castle welcomes visitors from all around the world. Not too be left behind in the waves are the bountiful wine regions, and farm-to-table cuisine options to delight all your senses. Unique wildlife habitats and sights that leave a postcard in your mind, this 101-mile stretch of Highway 1 offers everything you could want for a relaxed and inspiring vacation, including 500 lodging choices.

So wherever you roam along the Highway 1 Discovery Route, you will find the best of Highway 1. Experience the Perfect 10 or learn more at www.highway1discoveryroute.com.

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