Area 405

Located in an industrial 19th-century warehouse, Area 405 opened in 2003 and has been a contributor to the emergence of the Station North Arts and Entertainment District.

"We are an all-volunteer-run gallery," said Stewart Watson, director of Area 405. "Everyone does 5,000 other things. We've got 25 artists in the building."

Given the building's 66,000 square feet, there is no shortage of room for exhibitions.

"We are more of a sculpture, installation and experimental media space. We just encourage artists to take the space on and make work. We're kind of diverse, open to all sorts of ideas. We encourage experimentation. And we certainly don't limit ourselves to things for sale."

Although Area 405 is also a site for music, dance and some theater, new art from throughout the region is the primary focus. "If people are looking to be surprised," Watson said, "then come to our gallery."
Sloane Brown
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