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Bmore gets braggy

Season's greetings, hon! Hard to believe 2012 is almost over. You know us — busy, busy!

If we weren't opening a Ripley's "Odditorium," we were putting historic landmarks up for sale. When we weren't helping

John Waters

hitchhike across the country, we were hoarding Twinkies. We enjoyed watching the mids' "Gangnam Style" more than we'll admit, and we held our breath as Nik Wallenda tightroped the Inner Harbor.

What. A. Year. We wanted to take a moment to catch you up on what we've been up to.

The Ravens were in the

Super Bowl

!! OK, technically, not exactly. But you should have seen it, our faces all but reflecting in the

Vince Lombardi

trophy, and perhaps also a few flecks of our saliva. Then there was the tiny, hardly noticeable matter of a missed kick. ... Did we mention that Billy moved away? Bless his heart.

Buck, Adam, Matt, Manny and the gang did us proud, reminding us of what a winning season feels like and also how to get to

Camden Yards



magic! And the hot dog race? It had nothing on the park's newest attraction: streaker races!

Over the summer we hosted a smashing event — we're pretty sure we saw you there. The Star-Spangled Sailabration. Tall ships! Blue Angels! Thousands of visitors! Oh, and we also had that Grand Prix again. Yup.

We had the best time toying with the national media this spring after news broke that one of three winning tickets in that massive, unbelievable, record-setting

Mega Millions

drawing was bought right here. They said the real winners were three teachers who aren't giving up their names. We still think it's that McDonald's lady.

Speaking of betting, we got a casino upgrade! Instead of a Harrah's, we're now getting a Horseshoe. That's kind of like getting a Gap instead of an

Old Navy

. In any case, we'll soon be playing poker and blackjack — what happens in Baltimore stays in Baltimore! Woo hoo!

Many of us were thrilled to hone our survival skills after a crazy storm snuck up on us in June. Day after day — after day after day — we learned to live without power, playing Little Rowhouse on the Prairie as the temperature hovered near 100.

Our hearts swelled to watch our homegrown Aquaman,

, become the most decorated Olympian of all time. We were especially proud that unlike that other one, he wasn't wearing a grill.

Archaeological opportunity abounded as sinkholes cracked one city street open after another. Light Street. Fleet Street. A monster on Monument nearly swallowed

Johns Hopkins Hospital

. What lies beneath? Dirt, rotting pipes and sometimes stinky gas. Excavation revelation!

When Hollywood went looking for the nation's capital, we continued to be the location of choice — certainly at least the second choice. "VEEP" smartly opted for our

Washington Monument

instead of that over-exposed one down the street. And when "House of Cards" wanted political intrigue, where better, where cheaper, than

Bolton Hill

? #winning

Everyone sends their best from City Hall. Our top officials have worked hard this year to turn yawner Board of Estimates meetings into must-see TV. Madam Mayor. Mr. Vice President. The honorable comptroller. Barely speaking, shooting disdainful glances at one another and booting one another from the city's Ravens game skybox. Watch out, HBO — we're on cable now too!

Aunt Sheila, by the way, was incredibly generous to her charities this year, writing a check — can you believe it — for $27,000 in one swoop. And it wasn't all because the judge said she had to. She



All right, gotta go. There's an a-rabber here complaining about a speeding ticket. The happiest of holidays to you and may your New Year be sweet as a Berger cookie top,