Behind the music

It's easy to mythologize the music stars, with their names on the concert tickets and their faces on the magazine covers. We love and celebrate the artist. But the music still matters most, and it takes more than the artist to realize his or her vision. "Music producer" is a vague term for one of the most important jobs in the creative process, and the local producers we're highlighting here all used metaphors to describe their roles. Murder Mark said it was the "coach of the football team" and Steve Wright compared producing to directing a film. No matter how it's described, music producing is also an under-appreciated craft that many producers from Baltimore continue to take seriously. And the results show, from artists like Dan Deacon to Los. Some producers are even doing it as a way to show love for their city. These are five of the best producers from Baltimore, responsible for the music reaching fans across the world.
Lloyd Fox, Baltimore Sun photo
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