Super Bowl specials

To brave the bars or bite your fingernails in the privacy of your own home -- that's the dilemma many Ravens fans face this Sunday. While everyone loves a good Super Bowl house party, there's also going to be an electric energy in the city's bars that hasn't been felt in more than a decade. Given the sensational storylines surrounding it (the Harbowl, Ray Lewis' last ride and more), Super Bowl XLVII will likely be a once-in-a-lifetime sporting event. Some restaurants, aware of how busy the bars will be, have announced they'll be closed on Sunday night, including Woodberry Kitchen, Jack's Bistro and Pazo. So if you're heading out, where should you go? We've reached out to dozens of Baltimore bars for details on specials and gameday-related festivities. While many don't have specific plans (probably because the game is enough of a reason to drive foot-traffic), these are the bars we found with Super Bowl specials.
Algerina Perna, Baltimore Sun photo
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