Diana vs. Serena

Diana's ultimate plan is to take down Gossip Girl, so she's trying to get Serena to write a blog to tell "the real story" of what goes on in the Upper East Side. For once Serena stands her ground and refuses, even after Diana's relentless persisting. But since Diana can't leave anyone alone, she makes it look like Max stood her up at the party and pays someone to take a picture and send it to Gossip Girl. In one of her classiest lines ever, Serena explains to Diana that she doesn't care when GG blasts go out about her. It just makes her mad when the site goes after innocent people that aren't strong enough to fight back. So when her original plan doesn't work, Diana puts out a blast about Charlie after getting rejected by Max and fired. And because Serena is actually a good person and loves her family to death, she agrees to write the blog after all. The worst part about everything is how crushed she's going to be when she finds out Charlie isn't actually her cousin. Diana needs to be exiled Little J/Juliet/Vanessa style, and fast.
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