Ravens moments

Can you believe it? The Ravens won the Super Bowl. Days later, it's still sinking in. There were times when it felt like someone was looking out for the Ravens -- call it luck, or a higher power. There was plenty of hard work too. After Sunday'’s big game, we wanted to take a look back at 25 of the craziest moments (good and bad) from the Ravens' season, from start to finish. Remember Ed Reed's interception for a touchdown in the first game? Or Jacoby Jones, who -- well, he had a lot of crazy moments. And who could forget Ray "Hey diddle diddle" Rice running for 29 yards (and then some) on 4th down? Here are the moments that made us jump out of our seats, whether to curse or cheer them on. Either way, there's no denying what an unbelievable year this team has had.
Lloyd Fox, Baltimore Sun photo
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