Edgar Allan Poe's grave

"Once upon a midnight dreary I played poet, My imaginations were so livid that reality refused to show it. Deeply lost in madness through the words of Poe, The awaken world was a plane I did not want to know. In sleep I encountered the same old demons, Tearing me apart as I'm screaming. Crying, As I lay dying... Suddenly awoke by rain and roaring thunder, My made-up world...I began to wonder. As dark and real as it seemed, It only happened in my dream. I visited Westminster Hall alone, Found Poe's grave in a corner with an ordinary headstone. In life he was always drunk and pretty much a goner. Thanks to a donation of pennies, a marble monument was erected in his "honor". The location is a historic church from the 17th century anyone should expect. The mood is peaceful, quiet, and deserving of our respect. There is no fanfare or actors in period costumes, Nor are there any dark jesters or gothic-posing buffoons. Unlike Philly & DC, this gravesite is open to the public with no admission fee. Isn't that how visiting a cemetery should be? In the tradition of the toaster, I left a penny & 3 roses on his grave but no cognac. The bottle was empty because all of its contents...I drank! Need I say more? Nevermore." -- Wendy C., New York
Karl Merton Ferron, Baltimore Sun photo
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