Andrew Peters

ANDREW PETERS, 24 Founding artistic director, Glass Mind Theatre | Charles Village Andrew Peters could have gone anywhere he wanted. A mass communication and theater arts graduate from Towson University, he had traveled to Chicago and was invigorated by the vibrant theater scene. But Peters stayed put, enthralled by Baltimore's experimental theater scene. In fall 2009, Glass Mind Theatre was born. "There was just a shared vision of, simply, 'Let's just start something,'" said Peters, a Salisbury native. "We want to make the work we're interested in." He wanted theater that talks with its audience, not just at it. "Please Flag With Care," the group's first production in its current first season, was about the way people connect, for better or worse or weird, through technology. "Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom," opening Friday, is about a community terrorized by a zombie video game. And May's "Baltimore Mixtape" will bring together music and live theater. "We're doing this at a time in Baltimore, post-graduation, when you can be able to create what you want," Peters said. "I can't think of something that's better to do." JORDAN BARTEL, B
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