NOMINEES: DARREN ARONOFSKY, "BLACK SWAN" JOEL AND ETHAN COEN, "TRUE GRIT" DAVID FINCHER, "THE SOCIAL NETWORK" TOM HOOPER, "THE KING'S SPEECH" DAVID O. RUSSELL, "THE FIGHTER" MATTHEW: Crack addiction, class, brotherhood, love. Russell handles heavyweight themes with incredible sophistication and attention to detail, delivering a one-two punch to your head and your heart. CATHARINE: Russell got superlative performances from his whole cast. "Black Swan" came off like Brian DePalma's "Carrie" in toe shoes. Except, you know, without the occult stuff. We'll look back in five years and mostly all agree how campy and overwrought it is. KATE: Fincher should deservedly win this as the consolation for "The Social Network" not winning best picture. The major oversight in this category: no nomination for Christopher Nolan for "Inception." JORDAN: Fincher. Not even close. Seriously, he made a movie about the creation of a website seem thrilling and energetic and urgent. That's brilliant. The only one who comes close is Aronofsky, whose bag is full of cool directorial tricks but seems to enjoy veering a bit too often into over-the-top ridiculousness and calling it "style." ELLIOTT: The Coen brothers. Just give them another award. I'm not keeping track anymore. AMANDA: "Black Swan" was intense. It stressed me out, and I needed cocktails when it was over to digest what I just watched. I attribute my feelings to Aronofsky's direction.
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