Obama jobs plan: Throwing money down a well doesn't help anyone

The headline of the Sun's recent editorial on the jobs bill ("Let them eat tax cuts," Sept. 12) seems ironic to this writer.

The origin of the parodied saying came from the last days before the French Revolution when Marie Antoinette was heard to say, in response to bread shortages caused by the profligacy of the Bourbon monarchy, "Let them eat cake." This reference was to the citizens who eventually took down the monarchy in the most brutal fashion.

So according to The Sun editorial writers, we citizens should accept without criticism the proposal by the current administration to throw more money into the well. And we are, as I understand the logic, to have faith that programs that haven't worked in the past will work this time.

This logic didn't work in 1789, and it won't work in 2011. And to vilify fiscally conservative citizens and legislators for their concerns is simply too easy and a reflection of the desperation that this government and the media are increasingly showing as their favorite Keynesian programs fail to solve our economic problems.

Maybe the tea party is on to something.

Sam Davis, Towson

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