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Maryland Dream Act is no big deal

Being a veteran, I read with interest in Thursday's Sun that the Dream Act would extend to 3 years the time honorably discharged veterans are allowed to pay in-state tuition at our schools ("Maryland Dream Act benefits veterans," Oct. 11) Of course I'll vote for the provision.

But as I considered the rest of the bill, I wondered what the big deal is about undocumented immigrant children being allowed the same rate. It's not like we're voting to give them scholarships, or any other freebie. They still have to pay for their classes. And has anyone noticed how expensive even in-state tuition is these days? I'm a degreed, full-time worker, and I'd have a hard time paying today's in-state rates, so, really, how many of these kids do we really think we're talking about. Is it really a threat to all the angry white people fighting this?

If any are able to go to college with these rates, it'll probably be by whole extended families, 2 or 3 generations, all sacrificing, scrimping and saving every last dime to send the first kid in their family-line to college. Where is our Christian charitable spirit, to stand in the way of such sacrifice?

Jeff Stennett, Gambrills

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