Marvin Hamlisch: Composer, conductor, Yankees fan?

For many years my wife Fran and I were subscribers to the Baltimore Pops series at the Meyerhoff. We especially enjoyed the years during

Marvin Hamlisch

's tenure as principal pops conductor of the

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

. Little did we know that he was also a big time baseball fan.

My wife Fran, known throughout

Camden Yards

for many years as one of the


' best fans, was delighted when we were invited to a Yankees-Oriole game at

Yankee Stadium

to see Mike Mussina, after leaving Baltimore, pitch for the Yankees against the Orioles. Our seats were front row directly behind 1st base. Fran was dressed from head to toe in Oriole orange and black. From our seats, much to the chagrin of all the Yankee fans, she continued to razz Mr. Messina throughout his appearance.

During a bathroom stop, Mr. Hamlisch was standing next to me dressed entirely in a Yankee uniform. In a brief conversation, I addressed his "loyalty" to the Yankees — and how difficult it was to be fan of an opposing team. He quickly pointed out that there was "a misguided" woman in the next section that just won't shut up. "She must be one crazy Oriole fan to come here and try to push Messina's buttons."

Despite his love for the Yankees, we will miss him!

Lance Berkowitz,

Boynton Beach

, Fla.