Health insurance exchanges are a hoax

Vincent DeMarco's praise of Gov.Martin O'Malleyand the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) omitted several key facts and restated a few false impacts of the law ("Health exchanges benefit Md. families," Feb. 16).

Twenty-seven states are opposed to the health care law because they do not want the federal government mandating health insurance in their states, and they cannot afford to add millions of new Medicaid recipients. In Maryland we do not see this as an issue because our Democratic legislature and governor will simply raise taxes (again!) in 2014 to cover the cost of the new Medicaid participants.

We will all pay new taxes in 2014 related to ObamaCare so families earning up to $88,000 can get subsidized health care at the state exchanges. Does a new tax burden in this economy benefit most Maryland families? Somehow Mr. DeMarco omitted this important item in his praise of the health care law. For Mr. DeMarco and the Democrats, someone else can always pick up the tab for any new entitlement program.

As a health care consultant working with many Maryland employers, I see first hand the changes that are already underway. You will not have the same health plans in 2014 as you have today, despite repeated promises by likes of Messrs. DeMarco and O'Malley and President Barack Obama. The changes for the nine out 10 Marylanders that get their health insurance from their employers will be profound!

The government already controls 50 percent of health care in this country via Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare, and it has proven over the past 30 years that it cannot bend the health care cost curve. State mandates and insurance premium taxes increase our health premiums in Maryland by more than 30 percent! More government control of health insurance via ObamaCare is not the answer to our health care cost conundrum. In fact, its impact on our federal deficit in 2025 will be devastating.

Only changes in individual health care consumption via wellness plans and high deductible consumer plans have proven to reduce health care costs in recent years; not government subsidies, higher taxes and health exchanges.

Randy Hart, Upperco

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