Opposition to jobs bill is outrageous, selfish, political

There's really no excuse for Congress not to pass the American Jobs Act. The unwillingness of the House majority leader and his "can't think for themselves" crew is downright ludicrous! This is not a time to present more foolishness into this country, it is time for some serious thought to rescue this country from a financial downturn. The world is watching the strongest country in the world indulge in petty and childish acts of self-destruction. Believe me when I say others are just waiting and biding their time to overtake and rule this country. We're being ridiculed, laughed at and disrespected because they see how this country treats and disrespects its own president.

The jobs bill could help small businesses invest and grow. It would cut the payroll tax in half for employers, and make it easier for businesses to hire. And it would create jobs, building roads and bridges (if we don't stay on top of our roads and bridges it will cost even more money in the end) while preventing up to 280,000 teachers from being laid off. Who would not want to see more Americans put back to work? Families might be better able to put food on their tables for themselves and their children. Why would anyone not choose to have more teachers available to teach their children? Who in their right state of mind would continue to have the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?

Those who fought wars for this country need help, too. Where is the love for all countrymen? What happened to love thy country and love thy neighbor? Where is the unity? Without a strong foundation, we fall down and we may not get back up again.

The bottom line is that the proposal would get Americans back to work and help get the economy moving. And it'll do it immediately in a way that doesn't raise the deficit. We hired our lawmakers to go to Washington and get to work and they deserve to have their forfeited because they are most certainly not doing your jobs!

House Republicans ought to come back home and tell us why they haven't lifted a finger to pass this bill. They are truly the terrorists living in our midst, and the Senate is not behaving much better. Are they seeking to destroy the U.S.? Better to lift this country up to the standards it once held. This requires courage, dignity and integrity as well as some honesty. Please love your countrymen as you love yourselves.

Faye M., Baltimore

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