Lyme disease: Tell the whole story

Dan Rodricks has twice written columns suggesting chronic Lyme disease does not exist ("MPT's flawed decision on flawed film," June 19). I represent just one of thousands of men, women, and children who have had their lives, careers and finances lost and torn apart because of incorrect information the Infectious Diseases Society of America is giving to physicians about Lyme disease.

In 1993, I was misdiagnosed by a physician as having chronic fatigue syndrome. Each year I got worse even though I pushed myself to continue working. In 2008, my body finally gave completely out and I was diagnosed with Lyme along with two co-infections, babesia and bartonella. If physicians had been given the correct information about Lyme by the IDSA, I probably would not have lost my 27-year teaching career to this disabling disease.

It is only fair that The Sun provide articles that represent the truth about chronic Lyme disease. Research reputable associations such as ILADS. Interview physicians who diagnose and treat chronic Lyme disease as well as those of us whose lives have been significantly changed and family members of those whose lives have been lost.

Lyme disease is known as the "great imitator." When a diagnosis such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, lupus, MS, ALS, etc. has been given, there is a greater chance that it is Lyme related.

Nina S. Moore, Reisterstown

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