McDonough: Towson melee not the same as Inner Harbor crime

Here we go again.

"Clueless Danny" Rodricks is launching another misleading attack ("Refs, retail politics and a quiet delegate," Sept. 27). Mr. Rodricks claims that I have failed to comment on last weekend's incident in Towson. Sun reporter Allison Knezevich contacted me the day after the Towson brawl. I returned her phone call promptly and received her answering machine where I left a message. She did not return my call. A Baltimore County Patch reporter talked with me and I provided extensive comments. Oops, I almost forgot. "Clueless Danny" called me and, of course, I did not return his call because it would be a waste of time talking with a "biased attack dog" masquerading as a columnist.

Knowing what I do know, the "knucklehead rebellion" in Towson was an isolated incident provoked by a not-so-well-managed event promotion. Unlike Baltimore's mayor, Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz and Police Chief James Johnson responded immediately and did not create excuses or denials. Many of the "hooligans" were not from Baltimore County.

Regardless, I condemn the behavior and vigorously demand that the county executive and police chief continue their appropriate responses. These are the same comments I made about the "hooligan" incident that occurred on St. Patrick's Day in Fells Point, mostly by white "knuckleheads."

The city continues to be a center for crime, drugs, murder and gangs. The fact that Baltimore lost its "top cop," Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III, during these critical times is a tragedy. For Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to appoint an out-of-state new commissioner who bears little knowledge of the Baltimore problem and to pass over experienced local leaders in the city force compounds the issue.

Although "clueless Danny" and his fellow travelers make anemic attempts to create the impression that Baltimore and the Inner Harbor area are "safety zones," their propaganda is falling on deaf ears.

Finally, the same night that Mr. Rodricks called me, I was at a rally with 200 grass roots opponents of the "so-called" Maryland Dream Act. There have been numerous such occasions leading to a strong grass roots organization of "real Marylanders" to defeat in-state tuition. I will bet "clueless Danny" a crab cake that the Dream Act will be rejected on Nov. 6. Of course, if I win, I will bring a food taster to the victory party.

Del. Pat McDonough

The writer, a Republican, represents District 7, Baltimore and Harford counties, in the Maryland House of Delegates.