Terrapin football in a shell of a bad place

Although I graduated from another university, I have followed the University of Maryland's sports teams for 40 years. Having been born and raised in the Baltimore area, I suppose it emanates from a "Maryland pride" mind-set.

What does Maryland Athletic Director Kevin Anderson know about Maryland pride?

The way the Ralph Friedgen situation was handled gave me an indication of how little Mr. Anderson knows about decision-making situations. Just what did Mr. Friedgen, a school alumnus, do to deserve the thoroughly unprofessional, unethical treatment when he was abruptly dumped?

I have a gut feeling that Randy Edsall, Mr. Friedgen's successor as football head coach, will never gain traction with the Maryland students, fans, alumni and boosters. I also believe he will never have a winning record at Maryland with his militaristic "my way or the highway" mentality. His rigid, unyielding style may have worked at Connecticut, but his concept of coaching is antithetical to that of Mr. Friedgen. I believe that is why we have seen an inordinate number of football athletes bail out of Maryland. Although Mr. Edsall always seems to conjure up a rational spin on the departures to the media, the reality is that these athletes simply could not cope with his coaching concepts.

Mr. Edsall was hand-picked by Mr. Anderson, to whom I say "thanks" for personally kicking a once-proud football program back to the leather helmet era.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham