Obama uses executive orders to bypass Congress

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The Obama administration's use of an executive order to make immigration policy is disturbing ("Md. Democrats support Obama immigration plan," June 15). President Obama uses executive order for just about everything he wants to do. He doesn't seem to consult Congress or the American people of both parties before he takes action to pass a law, be it in foreign policy, local economic policy or national security issues like our borders.

When our leaders ignore our Congress, our Constitution and our citizens input into our domestic and foreign affairs, we no longer have a republican form of democracy. That is, a free society "of the people, for the people and by the people." Instead, we have a dictator who thinks he can make decisions for us without any consideration of our Constitution.

This recent U.S. deportation policy is a prime example. It has more to do with seeking the Latino vote than with true compassion or the economy. We don't have enough jobs for our own citizens and legal immigrants. The administration's already anemic border security has made it easier illegal immigrants to cross our borders, and the president never mentions the fact that because of our welcome mat we also have more diseases from foreign countries, an influx of criminal drug gangs and assorted terrorists who pretend they are Latino or Mexicans looking for agriculture jobs.

Patronizing the Latino vote by one's re-election ahead of the country's national security, health, safety and economic stability is not what I would call executive material.

Barbara A. Bloom, Owings Mills

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PoliticsIllegal ImmigrantsImmigrationNational SecurityBarack ObamaDemocratic Party
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