Ehrlich's right-wing diatribes rise to new level of hypocrisy

I see former governor and columnist Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. is back doing what he's been doing best for his entire career: Whining, finger-pointing and laying blame everywhere except where it belongs — on himself and his Republican puppet-masters ("Injecting Obamacare into economy will hurt — a lot," Dec. 30).

Yes, Obamacare is indeed a pork-laden, convoluted mess, thanks to the Republicans. That's what you get when you try to reach "compromise" with people who are wacko.

No, we didn't want Obamacare: We wanted universal, government-run health care like they have in every other industrialized country in the world. That's why Western Europe has the best health care system in the world, while ours lags behind in 38th place despite being No. 1 in cost.

But that's what you get when you leave things in the incompetent hands of the "free" market (as in "my private insurance company is free to rip you off").

The right-wing nuts like to whine about the government, but they seem to conveniently forget that "we the people" are the government. When they say that the American government isn't capable of running anything, they are, in effect, calling Americans a bunch of idiots.

That's why it puzzles me why anyone would vote Republican at all. Because when one does, one essentially agrees with them that one is an idiot who needs to be told what to do by big business.

And as the Republicans like to boast, the business of business is to make money. Not to protect this country, not to provide for the well-being of its citizens, and certainly not to provide for the long-term success of America. Business is all about the bottom line.

Unfortunately, many Americans still cling to the notion that the problem isn't that we are being bled dry by faceless, heartless corporations who just see us as a sack of cash to be exploited. They want to believe that "foreigners," or the poor, or people with dark skin are the ones we should be fighting against.

But the reality is that those people are us — we the people. They are not the enemy.

The real enemy are those unregulated, out- of-control, money-grubbing corporations that profit from our disunity. And while we fight among ourselves, they are laughing all the way to the bank.

Will national health care be expensive? Of course — as it should be. Caring for the health of our citizens should be the top priority of the government. If we are drowning in debt in this country, it's because we are being bled dry by war-mongers who think that we should rule the world at the point of a gun.

You want to save money? Eliminate the military. Turn it back into what was envisioned by the Founding Fathers — state-run militias like the National Guard that serve only to protect us from foreign invasion. Stop interfering in what goes on in the rest of the world and focus on what goes on here in America.

Give us some real regulations that actually protect what's most important to us Americans — our food, our air, our water.

You might even find that if we leave the rest of the world alone, the people in those countries will stop trying to kill us.

William Smith, Baltimore

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