For older professionals, what's next?

Recently, The Baltimore Sun interviewed Maryland state director of the American Association of Retired People, Hank Greenberg, who said, "One of the things we're looking to do is to be a resource for anyone who's looking to figure out what's next."

The Social Work Community Outreach Service at the University of Maryland School of Social Work has a program to address that very question.

The program, called ReServe Maryland, connects continuing professionals age 55 and over with meaningful, paid part-time service opportunities at nonprofit organizations and public agencies.

They get a modest stipend and work in a variety of capacities to help organizations fulfill their missions. Nationally, the program matched more than 600 older professionals with service opportunities ranging from technology specialists and PR advisors to horticulturalists and assistant college guidance counselors.

A national grant to UM's School of Social Work will create service opportunities for local seniors to provide college readiness for high school students and financial education for adults in Maryland. In addition, ReServe Maryland will help nonprofit organizations and public agency partners meet other critical needs.

The goal is to help older adults remain active in meaningful service, while assisting organizations in meeting communities' needs.

Branden McLeod

The writer is director of ReServe Maryland.

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