Police, DEA raid prescription-drug clinic in Lutherville


prescription drug

clinic in


was raided Tuesday afternoon by

Baltimore County

police and Drug Enforcement Administration agents, according to law enforcement officials.

The raid followed a long-term investigation of the distribution and sale of


and other prescription drugs at the Healthy

Life Medical

Group in the 1100 block of York Road, according to Special Agent Edward Marcinko, of the DEA.

About 25 police narcotics officers and DEA agents served a federal search warrant at the location shortly after 5 p.m., said Marcinko and Det. Cathy Batton, a county police spokeswoman.

No arrests were made at the clinic, but three arrest warrants have been issued in the case, and the investigation is ongoing, Marcinko said.

Neither Batton nor Marcinko would provide more details about the investigation, what was taken from the clinic during the raid or what criminal activity was suspected to be occurring at the clinic.

But Marcinko did say the DEA agents involved were members of the federal agency's relatively new "tactical diversions squad."


According to the DEA's website, such squads work with local police departments to "investigate, disrupt and dismantle" individuals or operations suspected of breaking laws pertaining to legal pharmaceutical drugs or chemicals.

"Prescription fraud and prescription abuse is a very serious problem in the United States, and across the United States the DEA developed groups to handle these types of cases," Marcinko said.

"Clinics are popping up all over the country, and this one popped up in Timonium, and we started investigating," he said.

Marcinko directed further questions to the U.S. Attorney's Office for Maryland, which was involved in the investigation.

That office could not reached late Tuesday.

Owners of Healthy Life Medical Group could not be reached Tuesday evening.