Online Trends for Jan. 3, 2012

With an impeccable eye for a news cycle, the ever so humble and self-effacing Ray Lewis announced his retirement yesterday. Because, he's probably pretty sure the Raven's are losing their next game, he made sure a crushing defeat doesn't ruin his retirement accolades. Well played, Ray, well played. The normally dominant Florida Gators were badly bloodied last night as Louisville rolled over them to win the Sugar Bowl. According to Twitter, this is somehow Tim Tebow's fault. NBA star Blake Griffin had a tough game last night. He was both flagrantly fouled and heckled from his own bench. Ouch. If you're not a sports fan, a new Congress starts today. Where they are expected to do absolutely nothing. Scary things happened on Top Chef and American Horror Story. And if you bank with PNC, you're probably thinking about switching banks right now after a technical problems on their website.
Baltimore Sun, Getty Images, Handout
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