NFL Week 14 picks: Colts at Ravens

Kevin Cowherd

Ravens 27, Colts 6

Are the Colts still playing? Or flipping Colts to decide: Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck in 2012?

Edward Lee

Ravens 29, Colts 14

The Colts put up a good fight against the Patriots last Sunday, but the Ravens defense won't be as accommodating in garbage time.

Mike Preston

Ravens 27, Colts 10

Ravens history will no repeat itself. The Ravens may have lost to winless Miami a few years ago, but the will handle the Colts easily..

Peter Schmuck

Ravens 31, Colts 10

Barring the miraculous return of Peyton Manning, Ravens fans will enjoy watching the Colts get beaten to a pulp..

Kevin Van Valkenburg

Ravens 31, Colts 7

If the Ravens somehow manage to lose to the Colts at home, they deserve to go on the road for the playoffs. Joe Flacco will have his best game since season opener.

Mark Viviano

Ravens 35, Colts 10

The Ravens won where they came from (Cleveland) and will beat the team that came from here (Colts). Where are the Ravens going? Super Bowl … in Indy.

Jeff Zrebiec

Ravens 30, Colts 13

Dan Orlovsky matching wits with Dannell Ellerbe just doesn't have the same cachet of Peyton Manning vs. Ray Lewis, but that makes no difference to the Ravens, who get win No. 10 easily.

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