The picks: Ravens vs. Jets

Ravens 24, Jets 17

Air Harbaugh? Well, maybe not. But Ravens continue to fine-tune re-energized passing attack against suspect Jets.

Ravens 13, Jets 12

Darrelle Revis


Antonio Cromartie

will make sure the Ravens don't repeat their aerial display. But the Jets don't have the run game to keep the Ravens honest.

Ravens 17, Jets 14

When Joe Willie [Namath] suggests it's time to be quiet, it might be the time for the Jets to listen.

Ravens 23, Jets 20

Ravens will enjoy homecooking for the first time in three weeks, but Jets will make them chew every bite.

Ravens 21, Jets 13

Ravens run for 150 yards and

Haloti Ngata


Terrell Suggs


Mark Sanchez


Mark Viviano

Ravens 24, Jets 13

Derrick Mason


Rex Ryan

return to Baltimore and are reminded what a good defense looks like.

Jets. 20, Ravens 19

The Jets will reverse the script of last season's opener, making just enough plays late to give Rex Ryan a victory that he is craving.