The picks: Ravens vs. Texans

Ravens 24, Texans 13

League's hardest-hitting defense too much for Texans, who'll be gobbling pain-killers like they're Tic Tacs on flight home.


Ravens 28, Texans 13

The Texans' hope for a season-turning upset evaporated with the injuries to wide receiver

Andre Johnson

and outside linebacker

Mario Williams


Ravens 21, Texans 10


Minus their two best players, Texans can't dig out of this big hole. The Ravens are ready to pick up where they left off.

Ravens 31, Texans 16

Matt Schaub

might want to pack a lunch because it's going to be a long day against a well-rested Ravens defense.

Ravens 31, Texans 21

Matt Schaub shreds Baltimore's secondary at times, but

Joe Flacco

has one of his best games of the year to continue his stellar record at home.

Mark Viviano

Ravens 23, Texans 16

If healthy, Ravens should not lose a home game this season. Injury-plagued Texans will fight but fall short.

Ravens 26, Texans 16

Matt Schaub will find out that this year's Ravens defense is a lot more formidable and aggressive than last year's version.