Stoglin will weigh options, but expects to stay with Terps

Sophomore Terrell Stoglin, the

Atlantic Coast Conference

's leading scorer, hasn't finalized his decision to return to


next season, and his father said the family would at least look at

NBA draft


"We haven't determined any of that yet," Joe Stoglin said. "Right now, his goal is to come back and play his junior season. We want to see him come back and have a big junior season and make the



Joe Stoglin said the family would pay attention to possible NBA draft scenarios. Terrell Stoglin has been mentioned as a possible future pro by several pundits in their mock drafts, but they don't project him to be selected.

The younger Stoglin said he is still honing his game and considers Maryland "home."


Stoglin has long aspired to play in the


. When the time is right, he said he intended to prove people wrong who doubt his NBA prospects because of his size. He is about 6 feet tall.

Stoglin, who is from Tucson, said he told his maternal grandmother, Paralee Grigsby, years ago that "I was going to go to the NBA. A lot of people just blew me off, but she had a lot of confidence in me. She always used to say she hoped to live to see it." She died several years ago.


Maryland officials have said they believed — based on what Stoglin has indicated during the season — that he would return to Maryland to continue to work on his game. While Stoglin is a versatile scorer, the player's NBA prospects could be enhanced by honing and showcasing the passing and game-management skills that would be expected of someone his size.

May 8 is the deadline for college players declaring early to withdraw their names from the NBA draft. The draft is June 28.


Jordan Williams

left Maryland after his sophomore season a year ago. After playing in the

NBA Development League

, he is now a reserve with the

New Jersey Nets


Stoglin is averaging 21.2 points, but his shooting percentage slipped in recent games as he seemed to tire and was often double-teamed.