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Hyundai recalling 419,000 vehicles for three defects

Hyundai is recalling more than 419,000 vehicles for three different defects

Hyundai is recalling more than 419,000 vehicles to correct three different defects.

The largest of the three recalls is for the 2001-06 Santa Fe crossover sport utility vehicle. Hyundai is recalling 225,000 of these models in 21 “salt belt” states, according to  the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Road salt used in the winter can cause the coil springs in the front suspension to corrode. If this happens, a spring can break and possibly puncture a tire, increasing the risk of a crash, NHTSA said.

The recall affects Santa Fe models in the District of Columbia, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Hyundai is also recalling 133,075 Sonata midsize sedans from the 2011 model year. These vehicles could have a weak seal in the brake lines, causing them to leak fluid. If this happens, it could increase the risk of a crash, NHTSA said.

This Sonata recall comes just days after Hyundai recalled 883,000 Sonatas from the 2011-14 model years to fix a faulty shifter cable.

Finally, the automaker is recalling 61,122 Veracruz SUVs from the 2007-12 model years. A gasket in the engine may leak oil, which would drip on to the vehicle’s alternator. If enough oil drips down, it could cause the alternator to fail, thus causing the engine to lose power and the vehicle to stop moving. This increases the risk of a crash, NHTSA said.

No accidents or injuries have been caused by any of the three defects, according to Hyundai spokesman Jim Trainor. Hyundai will notify owners of all affected vehicles, and dealers will make all necessary repairs free of charge.

Hyundai’s recalls add to an already record-setting year for vehicles recalled in the U.S., with more than 30 million notices being sent to consumers.

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