Mecum concludes Las Vegas motorcycle auction

Mecum concludes Las Vegas motorcycle auction
Mecum MidAmerica Las Vegas 2015 Motorcycle Auction sold a 1952 Vincent C Rapide for $132,500. (Mecum)

The 24th annual Mecum MidAmerica Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction has concluded, with the gavel falling on 590 motorcycles for a total of $7,277,820 in sales.

Mecum finished its auction with a claimed 83% of offered vehicles sold.


Taking top price were a 1952 Vincent C Rapide V-twin, with under 10,000 miles on its odometer, gaveled at $132,500. Also hitting high numbers were a "meticulously restored" 1918 Henderson 4-Cylinder, sold at $87,500, and a 1927 BMW R47, a rare factory race bike, sold at $80,000.

Wisconsin-based Mecum sells about 15,000 vehicles a year at a dozen or so auctions held around the country. The company's next auction will be its offering of the E.J. Cole Collection of 200 antique and vintage motorcycles, most of them Harley-Davidsons and Indians, in Las Vegas on March 20 and 21.

Here are the top 10 sellers from Mecum's MidAmerica auction:

  1. 1952 Vincent C Rapide (Lot S59) at $132,500
  2. 1918 Henderson 4 Cylinder (Lot F85) at $87,500
  3. 1927 BMW R47 Racer (Lot F131) at $80,000
  4. 1933 Matchless Silverhawk (Lot S120) at $80,000
  5. 1923 Hirsch Berlin (Lot F66) at $76,000
  6. 1929 Indian Ace Four (Lot S171) at $75,000
  7. 1940 Indian Four Cylinder (Lot S113) at $75,000
  8. 1911 Harley-Davidson 7A Single (Lot S115) at $70,000
  9. 1914 Thor 14A (Lot S64) at $70,000
  10. 1903 Rex Belt Drive (Lot F70) at $66,000

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